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Why Natural Horse Power?

Clean and efficient energy

The reasons are obvious: natural horse power is clean, truely sustainable, locally available energy - using grassland as input and transforming it to resource efficient work power for mobility and transportation tasks.


... is the new approach to escape from today's car addiction and step into a fossil-free future - be it by cycling or natural horse power driven.
Watch the nice little movie clip: European Commission's clip on youtube

... so truely GREEN energy. What else?

Rural Areas and SMUAs - Small and Medium Urban Areas

Maybe not everywhere, but as a matter of fact there is a huge number of special and challenged areas and villages throughout the EU, where draught horses can contribute significantly to the climate protection goals, and to the environmental and energy targets 2020 of the respective community. Every contribution counts. 78.000 small communities throughout the EU make a deal, too.

Rural Areas

Horse keeping contributes to rural land protection and supports circular land processes. It is such a part of sustainable development in EU Rural Areas. Making productive use of natural horse power for all kind of mobility and transportation tasks is an act of preservation of precious natural resources. Horse power also can be used for field work in small and medium farms, especially in agro-ecological manner.

Farm Models

The use of natural horse power enables farmers to stay independent from investments for big and cost intensive machinery and mono-cultural production procedures due to its remarkable flexibility. In addition, it also supports the role model of Family Farming as it is recommended by the UN.

Experience and Services in Detail:

I. EU Projects

Apr-Jul 2014: Certification as EU Fundraiser / EU Project Manager EuroConsults, Frankfurt/Berlin, Germany


  • Development of Project Proposals
  • Identification appropriate EU funding programme
  • Analysis of EU Calls for Proposals
  • Audit-proof set-up of EU Project
  • Management of EU Projects
  • Evaluation, Documentation & Reporting

Apr-Nov 2015: EU Project Development

"Horse Based Mobility" for nature preservation in Danube countries
with IDAC/FECTU a.s.b.l. as Project Promoter

Project idea described in partner search database of INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme, see Horse Based Mobility

Expression of Interest submitted to INTERREG DTP Joint Secretariat in Budapest on 2-Nov-2015

II. National and International Networking & Memberships

in Draught Horse-related Non-Profit Organisations

  • IGZ - Interessengemeinschaft Zugpferde e.V., Germany
  • IDAC - International Draught Horse Consultants a.s.b.l., Belgium
  • FECTU - Fédération Européenne du Cheval de Trait pour la promotion de son Utilisation a.s.b.l., Luxemburg

III. Publishing (in German)
2010 "Vergiss die Dominanz! Eine Bilderfibel zum freundschaftlichen Umgang von Mensch und Pferd"
Therese Grosswiele Verlag
ISBN 978-3-00-030844-4
2013 "Langsamer. Kleiner. Gut. Mit natürlicher Pferdekraft aus der Fortschrittsfalle in der Landwirtschaft"
Therese Grosswiele Verlag
ISBN 978-3-00-041548-7
Langsamer.Kleiner.Gut. = Slower. Smaller. Good.
2014 "Arbeitspferde in die Landwirtschaft!
Ein prozess- statt input-basiertes Modell für agrikulturelle Nachhaltigkeit"
(Working horses into farming! - A process based instead of input based model for agricultural sustainability)
  Lectures & Articles
2014 „Das Ursprüngliche zwischen Mensch und Pferd in Gegenwart und Zukunft“
bei „Die Ländlichen Reiter und Fahrer in Niederösterreich“
Asperhofen, 27.01.2014
„Natürlich & Nachhaltig“, PferdPlus Ausgabe 5/2014
„Die Ersten ihres Standes“, Starke Pferde, Heft Nr.69, 1/14
„Eine Besinnung ….“, in: VfDnet April 2014

IV. Social Media (in German and English)
  blog posts
FECTU blog about horse-drawn mobility in Europe
twitter account 'Slower. Smaller. Good.'